The first time I stood in the front of a classroom, I fell in love with being able to share my knowledge, experience and passion with others. Through teaching, I want to inspire younger generations to achieve more, question more and dream more. Most importantly, teaching is a profession where spiritual fulfillment can be reached through facilitating and observing the development of individuals over time.”

Ginger’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Mathematics

“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms: it is about understanding.” – William Paul Thurston

Professional Experience

Ginger held a variety of positions with Stony Brook University, including Academic Peer Advisor, Proficiency Algebra and Mathematics Lecturer, Teaching Assistant and Math Tutor. Through these positions, she worked on developing the skills required to be an effective teacher, including teamwork, communication, problem-solving and leadership.  

Volunteer Experience

During her undergraduate studies, Ginger worked as a dance volunteer with International Youth Fellowship. She also worked as a winter cloth distributor with Tsu Chi Foundation, Inc.


Ginger enjoys spending time outdoors, cooking and traveling.  

Academic Background

  • Stony Brook University (Master of Arts in Teaching)
  • Stony Brook University (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics)