I want to serve youth who are often neglected in the education system.”

Glen’s Story

Glen was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and moved to New Jersey with his family when he was twelve.  He first became interested in chemistry during high school and was active in tutoring peers in the subject. “ ‘Teacher’ came up as the top selection on a personality/aptitude test that I took senior year.  However I saw myself more as a scientist.”

Glen completed a double major in chemistry and chemical engineering at Penn State University and joined an international engineering firm. He spent three years in Nigeria and six months in Turkmenistan, a former Soviet Republic bordering the Caspian Sea. “I had spent five years traveling the world without a real home so, while in Turkmenistan, I decided that I wanted to settle down in the U.S. permanently.”

Once in the U.S., Glen moved to San Francisco and contemplated the idea of teaching. He spent a year volunteering in San Francisco’s public middle and high schools while he learned about teaching credential programs. “I found that I loved working with students.” Glen graduated from the University of California, Berkeley Masters and Credential Program for Science.  As an educator, Glen prides himself on creating strategies to make science relevant in the classroom and incorporating technology into his lessons.