Heather’s Story

Born in southern California, Heather Murillo has lived in Redlands since the age of ten and was an active student at Redlands East Valley High School. “I was involved in swimming, water polo and band. Over the summers I taught swim lessons and tutored children from varying age groups.”

Heather found her passion for chemistry during high school. “I had an exceptional high school chemistry teacher who helped to encourage my ability and love for the sciences.” While at the University of Redlands pursuing her major in chemistry, Heather conducted research on the organic synthesis of jasmine ketolactone. Although the research experience was valuable, she did not enjoy being in a laboratory. “Nor did I want to become a college professor.”

Heather earned her teaching credential from the University of Redlands. In her spare time she enjoys crocheting, sewing, reading Harry Potter books, and hiking.