I have always loved school, but when I attended a high-needs middle and high school, I realized many of my friends and peers felt disenchanted with learning. I made it my goal to help the people I knew find an intrinsic value in learning, even if not in school itself. When it was time to choose a career, I knew I wanted to continue to do the same for others.”

Karina’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Biology

“The path to learning science simply means the path to understanding the world around us, but that can become difficult for students who do not feel a connection with the content. I hope to bridge that gap by providing my students with inquiry-driven learning experiences that relate what they are learning to what they have already observed through their interactions with the biological world. Then, not only can they become more engaged in citizen science, but they can understand themselves better, too.”

Professional Experience

Karina worked as a teaching assistant for two classes during her time at Florida International University, Step 2 of FIUTeach’s introductory teaching program and Critical Issues in Education: Perspectives on Schools and Schooling, a class she co-designed for the FIU Honors College.

Karina will begin her first year of teaching at Howard W. Blake High School during the 2020–2021 school year. She will be teaching biology and physical science. 

Volunteer Experience

While attending FIU, Karina spent many weekends back home in Tampa volunteering for Feeding Tampa Bay, a branch of Feeding America. Now that she moved back to Tampa to teach, she plans to continue her volunteer work.


Karina enjoys spending time with her cat, Lou, or cooking. 

Academic Background

  • Florida International University (Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences)