I think a teacher should be a model of a lifelong learner. We should also be advocates for our students, their needs and their learning. We need to keep learning about the world and how it changes so that we can provide the most relevant and meaningful lessons to students. Our role in society is to help students make sense of the world and figure out how they will make their mark.”

Quinn’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Mathematics

“While tutoring middle school students in math during my undergraduate studies, I related to the anxieties and negative experiences many had in their math classes. I want to work towards improving the math experience for others.”

Professional Experience

Quinn worked as a teacher’s assistant in an accelerated math class for one summer and at Galileo Summer Camps for two summers. In this role, she facilitated their weekly life science programs. She also tutored middle and high school students in math for three years. 

Quinn will begin her first year of teaching at Del Mar High School during the 2020–2021 school year.


Quinn enjoys running, swimming, baking, and spending time with friends. 

Academic Background

  • Stanford University (Master of Arts in Education)
  • University of California, Davis (Bachelor of Science in Statistics)