The ability to problem solve is one talent which effectively separates those who will thrive from those will struggle.”

Rachel’s Story

For Rachel Rolston, teaching is a “gift that has run in my family for many generations,” including her great-grandparents, her grandmother, her great-aunt, her father, and continuing through to Rachel. While Rachel has always excelled in mathematics, she learned to appreciate the significance it carries with the help of a superb teacher in algebra and AP statistics. Rachel hopes to emulate this teacher’s techniques in her own classroom, specifically the ability to connect all things to math.

Rachel graduated summa cum laude from the University of Kentucky with degrees in Latin and mathematics. She was an Otis A. Singletary Merit Scholar at the University of Kentucky and was awarded the Wethington Fellowship there as a graduate student.

Rachel is an active volunteer with a variety of organizations including Bible Bowl. A 2003 Kentucky Governor’s Scholar and a Presidential Classroom Scholar, Rachel was an undergraduate teaching assistant with University of Kentucky’s Math Excel program. A competitive swimmer for 13 years, Rachel is the assistant coach for Butler High School’s swim team, where she began teaching mathematics and Latin in 2010.