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Through this Knowles Academy course, teachers will learn to use engineering design to teach students math and/or science content, and inspire and equip them to solve real-world problems.

Engaging Math and Science Students in Engineering Design

This professional development course offers nine months of coaching and support for teachers aiming to integrate engineering design in their classrooms. Initiated by a week-long online workshop facilitated by teachers with experience in using engineering successfully, this program will assist teachers in gaining the knowledge and confidence needed to implement engineering design challenges that inspire their students to apply math and science concepts to solve real-world problems.

Course Highlights

Experience content-infused engineering design challenges and develop a Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) practices aligned framework for the engineering design process for your classroom

  • Learn how to encourage engineering mindsets in students
  • Discuss the differences between engineering design facilitation and traditional math and science instruction
  • Discuss engineering with a professional engineer
  • Prepare for NGSS implementation by designing and peer teaching your own content-integrated engineering design lessons


Academy Services

All Knowles Academy courses can be customized to meet the specific needs of schools and/or districts. Please use the below form to request information about custom services.

Resource Downloads

Knowles Engineering Design Process

Download PDF

Knowles Engineering Design Process Performance Assessment Rubric

Download PDF

Knowles Engineering Design Process Phase 1 Student Worksheet

Download PDF

Finding the Low Hanging Fruit (How to identify activities that are ripe for the integration of engineering)

Download PDF

Knowles Engineering Design Process Generic Inputs, Tasks & Outputs

Download PDF

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