I want to be the best that I can be for my students, colleagues, and school. I want to do my subject justice and inspire my students to, if not continue the formal study of mathematics, at least deeply appreciate it and the art of being a lifelong learner.”

Adam’s Story

Adam realized that he wanted to become a teacher during his senior year in high school. Due to his passion for the subject and his desire to share its idiosyncrasies with others, he voluntarily lead a calculus study group. During that session, one of his classmates noted his ability to relay the material and from there, he was hooked.

During his undergraduate career, Adam spent a summer conducting research on the kink instabilities of line-tied plasma at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research included coding data and mapping the plasma’s magnetic field perturbations as it underwent reconnection. Through this work, he coauthored a paper that was published in the American Institute of Physics (AIP) Physics of Plasmas journal.

For the last six years, Adam has been involved with mentoring, tutoring, and teaching. Additionally, he worked as an assistant soccer coach at his high school alma mater—Capital High School—for four summers. It is noteworthy to mention that Adam will begin teaching there in fall 2014.

He is passionate about the history of mathematics and physics, and strives to incorporate historical context into his teaching practice. Adam believes that the biggest service that he can offer to his students is to foster a commitment to staying curious, motivated, and filled with a sense of wonder.

In his spare time, Adam enjoys playing soccer, golf and basketball; reading books about physics and mathematics, floating local rivers, hiking, and cheering for the University of Montana Grizzlies. In the future, he looks forward to starting a disc golf club at his school and becoming a head soccer coach on the high school level.