Teachers should help students learn and understand the discipline(s) they teach, but their role is larger than that. Teachers should help students learn how to be successful in life. This includes teaching them how to think creatively, work in teams, persevere, and express their understanding through various means. Teachers should inspire and play the role of assisting students in discovering their path in life.”

Amy’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Math

“Mathematics came naturally to me as a student. I found beauty in the way everything fit together and built on each other.”

Professional Experience

Amy studied abroad in Budapest with The Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education program. As part of the program, she completed two internships. Amy volunteered as a teaching assistant at the Milestone Institute, an advanced after-school program for Hungarian students. She also volunteered at the Dervokits School, where she helped sixth grade students develop mathematical reasoning and English language skills through games and manipulatives. Amy will begin teaching in fall 2017.


Amy enjoys knitting and crocheting.

Academic Background

University of Delaware (Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Education)