Ashley’s Story

Ashley Carlino is passionate about teaching, mathematics, and helping students with special needs. She decided early on to become a teacher, having found genuine satisfaction as a tutor in high school and college, helping kids not just academically, but emotionally as well. Tutoring at Upward Bound solidified her interest in teaching math. Working with special needs students as a summer intern at the Sargent Rehabilitation Center inspired her to minor in special needs education.

Ashley’s decision to teach was also shaped by the example of teachers in her own family, including three aunts and a grandfather, who talked about how stimulating and rewarding the profession was for them.

Ashley attended high school at The Wheeler School in Providence, RI. She pursued her undergraduate education in the Jesuit tradition at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass., the oldest Catholic college in New England, where she received her BA in mathematics. She also participated in a Jesuit immersion program in Kingston, Jamaica, volunteering at local schools and homes for the elderly.

When it came time to solidify her career path, Ashley decided to combine her passions “by teaching math and differentiating instruction to students with different learning styles.” Ashley earned her master’s degree in education from Harvard University in May of 2009.