I love learning; I want to understand how the world works. I hope that, as a teacher, I can share this passion for seeking understanding with my students.”

Erin’s Story

A chance encounter with her high school chemistry teacher helped Erin Marron realize the full impact teaching had on her life and inspired her to pursue it further.  “He told me why he loved teaching high school—the opportunity to make a difference in his students’ lives— and I realized those were the things I wanted in my career.”

Combining her love of education with a deep commitment to her local community, Erin interned at The Little Shop of Physics, an education outreach program sponsored by the Colorado State University physics department.  The aim of the program was to bring fun, interactive physics experiments to schools in the region. “I saw students who swore they were ‘no good at science’ come alive playing with light and motion experiments.”  Erin also presented interactive demonstrations at teacher workshops and visited schools on nearby Navajo reservations.

Erin graduated from Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, CO, and graduated summa cum laude with a BS in physics from Colorado State University.  

She was a recipient of the Colorado State University’s Physics Alumni Scholarship and First Year Physics Scholarship.