Teachers are in charge of nurturing our most sacred resource—our children. I think it’s the most important job that there is.”

Joe’s Story

Joe got his first taste of teaching during his undergraduate studies at Iowa State University (ISU). As a teaching assistant for a leadership seminar for 30 first-year students, he worked alongside the president of the university. In this role, he helped to update the curriculum and create new lessons that continue to be a regular part of the seminar. Joe also worked as an undergraduate assistant for the honors program, where he helped plan and facilitate training sessions and leadership classes for 72 seminar leaders in the First-year Honors Program. These experiences led him to consider the possibility of a becoming a teacher, even though he was studying mechanical engineering at ISU.

After graduation, he worked at Seagate Technology as a mechanical development engineer for two years. Missing the fulfillment he received from engaging with students, Joe enrolled in the Master of Education program at the University of Minnesota. As a student teacher, his week was made when he overheard a student tell one of his friends, “I’m not going to lie, science is kinda fun.”

Joe is passionate about teaching because it allows him to make an impact on a personal level, while becoming a better person along the way. As he embarks on a physics teaching career, he’s excited to conduct experiments on a regular basis, just like his childhood icon, Bill Nye the Science Guy. Joe values the Knowles Teaching Fellowship, because it will provide him with the resources needed to be the best teacher he can be, while surrounding him with passionate and driven people who will inspire him to invest even more.

In his spare time, Joe sings in an award-winning barbershop chorus called the Great Northern Union. He also enjoys exploring the trails, parks, and lakes around the Twin Cities; spending time with his “Little Brother” of two years; and systematically trying to find the best burger in the state.

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