My interest in education came from a realization of how politically empowering education has been in my life.” 

José’s Story

Teaching Discipline

Chemistry & Physics

Why Chemistry & Physics

“The complex, intriguing world of science was mostly intimidating until I began understanding it through the world of chemistry. Its ability to explain what’s visible through interactions at the most basic level not only made sense to me, but it cultivated within me a curiosity that fueled me to begin wondering about the world through the lens of these interactions. As I continued in my studies, however, I began to also be motivated by the under-representation of low-income Latinx people in chemistry. This, in turn, has now prompted me to think about chemistry through a different lens, one that makes chemistry more accessible for these students.”

Professional Experience

José will begin teaching at Theodore Roosevelt High School during the 2020–2021 school year. 


José enjoys spending time with family and friends, biking, discovering new music, and attending local arts events.

Academic Background

  • University of California, Los Angeles (Master of Education)
  • Yale University (Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry)