I want to help students become curious, confident thinkers who will always be open to new learning opportunities. I also believe that a key part of my role is to help students develop collaboration skills and empathy for others.”

Katrina’s Story

Teaching Discipline

Biology and Chemistry

Why Biology and Chemistry

“From weird creatures to the complexity of proteins, biology is beautiful and amazing. Biology helps to understand ourselves as living creatures, to appreciate the diversity of life, and to recognize our roles and responsibilities on this planet. In teaching both Biology and Chemistry, I strive to help students develop a deeper understanding of both subjects by building connections between them, and I try to help students strengthen their science skills such as collecting data and arguing from evidence.”

Professional Experience

As a college student, Katrina was an intern with the Three Rivers Park District in the Minneapolis area for two summers. She assisted with prairie management as well as turtle and bird conservation. Katrina also worked as an environmental educator at a nature center, and helped to facilitate day camps for preschool and elementary-aged children.

Katrina was a recipient of the Leonore Annenberg Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship. She  has been a full time teacher for teaching for 6 years and focuses on collaborating with colleagues to integrate science practices into the Biology and Chemistry curriculum.


Katrina enjoys cycling, hiking, yoga, playing the piano and clarinet, and reading, especially reading fantasy.

Academic Background

  • Stanford University (Master of Arts in Education)
  • Iowa State University (Bachelor of Science in Biology)