Ideally, teachers are leaders and guides for students that allow students to take ownership of their own learning. Teachers should be role models and people who push students to be the best learners and human beings they can be.”

Lisa’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Mathematics

“I want to combat math phobia! I’ve always enjoyed math, but I’ve had to redefine my love for it over the years. My upper high school and college education initially threw me for a loop when I was asked to think about the “why” of everything I was doing. Now, I know that the “why” is the beauty of math. There’s an underlying reasoning and truth to everything we know, and if you dive deep enough, you can understand the “why.”

Professional Experience

During high school, Lisa worked as a private math tutor for one year and tutored through Mathnasium for one and a half years.  

Lisa participated in the Teaching Experience for Undergraduates program at Brown University during summer 2017. There, she studied in an intensive math education pedagogy course for two weeks, and designed and team taught a math enrichment course for the remaining four weeks.

During summer 2018, Lisa worked at Lutherdale Bible Camp where she planned and led team building, high ropes, and Bible study activities on a daily basis for her cabin group.

Lisa will begin teaching at White Bear Lake Area High School during the 2019–2020 school year.

Volunteer Experience

Throughout her undergraduate career, Lisa has been part of a local mentorship program through St. Olaf College that pairs local middle school girls with a college “mentor” to foster friendship and mentorship.


Lisa enjoys writing for fun on her self-described “amateur blog.”

Academic Background

  • St. Olaf College (Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics)