Getting kids outside and engaged with their community and nature is one of my goals as a teacher.”

Megan’s Story

Megan Fretz had always envisioned herself going into research. She started along that path, going to graduate school and working on a project to eradicate dengue fever.

The experience of having several outstanding high school teachers combined with her own undergraduate teaching assistantship made Megan realize that her real passion lay in teaching science.

Megan graduated from Durango High School and earned a BS from Colorado State University.  She believes that one of the most challenging aspects of teaching “is finding the time, support, and resources to develop new and innovative ways to engage each and every student.”

Megan’s favorite innovative lesson thus far has been Crime Scene Investigation, where she and her students ran “crime scene” DNA samples using gel electrophoresis to determine the perpetrator of the crime.

Megan was named Hughes Undergraduate Research Scholar and Colorado Distinguished Scholar.  She hopes to “impart her love of the outdoors and physical fitness to my students.”