I can’t wait to see my growth and development throughout this program, as I gain the skills and insights needed to be a science teacher leader in my school, district, and community.”

Megan’s Story

Megan developed a strong interest in outdoor education while studying marine biology and environmental science at the University of Oregon. Through participation in an environmental education initiative, she collaborated with other students to write and implement curriculum about the salt marshes, estuary, and tide pools located near the southern Oregon coast. While visiting Mexico and Costa Rica, Megan taught informal science lessons to elementary school students. These experiences helped to shape her perspective on working with English Language Learners (ELL).

After completing her undergraduate studies, Megan worked as a marine science instructor for three years. In this role, she explored the oceans of southern California with students in grades K–12. Her various informal educational adventures ignited her desire to study formal education and become a science teacher.

Megan earned a master’s degree in education and her science teaching certification from the University of California, San Diego. While working as a student teacher in the San Diego Public School System, she became aware of the importance of employing teachers that are able to address the needs of diverse students in creative ways.

She is anxious to begin “inspiring strong scientific literacy in today’s adolescents and building strong relationships with students.” In the near future, she would like to teach diverse student populations in a project-based San Diego public school. Possessing a passion for the ocean, Megan will promote ocean literacy in the classroom, school and community where she teaches.

Her personal interests complement her teaching focus. Megan enjoys spending time outdoors while gardening, swimming, diving and snorkeling. She also enjoys volunteering at the local aquarium and crafting.