I hope to share and extend my knowledge and pedagogy on education through meaningful relationships with those also dedicated to improving their own education and teaching methods.”

Michelle’s Story

Michelle Lee stumbled upon teaching when she was a volunteer tutor and teaching assistant.  As she reflected on these teaching experiences, she was reminded of her own teachers and their lasting impact on her life.  “I considered my teachers to be family; I knew I could always depend on them and look at them as role models.”

Passionate about teaching, Michelle is equally enthusiastic about science, especially biology.  “Science appears to be a jigsaw puzzle that society can never completely solve. This elusive nature of the subject motivated me to constantly search for answers.”  Michelle knew the joy of inspiring students when she served as a judge at a junior high school science fair.  “All the weeks of struggling with faulty multimeters and finding creative ways to mimic sunlight on rainy days paid off.  The students discussed their project and findings with such enthusiasm.”  She hopes to convey her passion for the subject to all her future students.

Michelle earned a BS in biology from the University of California, San Diego.  She is a school volunteer for the San Francisco EdFund, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving student success in San Francisco schools.