In our inaugural episode of Teacher Voice: The Podcast, Knowles Fellows explore how Twitter’s #teach180 changed their teaching.

In this episode, host Brittany Franckowiak (@franckowlhs), Kaleidoscope Associate Editor, speaks to three of the authors of “#teach180: A window into our classrooms,” published in the Spring 2016 issue of Kaleidoscope.



Nicholas Chan, Sarah DiMaria, and Sophie State discuss their experiences participating in a year-long exploration of their teaching utilizing the Twitter hashtag #teach180.

Learn more about authors’ experiences since writing the article, including

  • what they have found to be the most powerful aspects of daily reflection on their teaching,
  • how participating supports teachers in improving classroom practice,
  • how they built new communities, and
  • how it helped them navigate the complex relationships between teachers, students, parents, administrators, and educational policymakers.

When teachers are professionals they engage in a community, they reflect in a community . . . [it] can be really challenging when you are in a more isolated context.

Participating in #teach180 has also helped me to learn self-compassion, that there are other teachers who struggle. It’s important to learn from failures, but also there are opportunities to celebrate things I’m doing that are successful, things that other teachers help me recognize and that my students help me recognize.”

–  Sophie State

To hear more about their experiences in sharing their teacher voice, listen to the podcast on our website. You can also search the #teach180 hashtag on Twitter, or follow panelists Nicholas Chan (@sergtpeppa), Sarah DiMaria (@MsDiMaria), and Sophie State (@sophiestate).

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