Teachers influence the minds and personalities of tomorrow’s leaders. Not only do we introduce students to content that will influence their futures, we can also help them to develop into caring, compassionate adults who are critical thinkers.”

Sara’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Biology

“I grew up being fascinated by nature. This fascination only increased when I started to learn the intricacies of molecular biology, and how teeny tiny molecules work together to drive “bigger” processes like ecology and evolution. Biology also ties together concepts from other content areas, which is exciting.”

Professional Experience

Sara participated in the National Science Foundation’s Research Experiences for Teachers program—Shaping Inquiry from Feedstock to Tailpipe—at the University of Kansas. Through the program, she spent a summer helping research microplastics and how they travel through wastewater treatment plants.


Sara enjoys hiking, biking, spending time outdoors, going to Kansas basketball games and spending time with her fiance and their  corgi.

Academic Background

  • University of Kansas (Bachelor of Science in Biology)