As a teacher, I want to challenge students as they have never been challenged before, while supporting them to take on and overcome those challenges. In this way, I will prepare my students for the world ahead of them, cultivating intelligent citizens who will transform society for the better.”

Mandi’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Mathematics

“I love that math is a fluid and active field, begging to be explored and manipulated. It can be used to describe every component of the world around us. Math is a beautiful challenge, and by studying it we train ourselves to persevere, think critically, and tackle any problem that we face.”

Professional Experience

For three years, Mandi has been investigating the most effective ways to incorporate 3D printing and 3D design into the mathematics classroom. As part of this research project, she designed lessons involving 3D printing based on high school and middle school math standards, and worked closely with classroom teachers to implement those lessons in various schools around Rome, Georgia. Mandi presented the results of her data analysis at various conferences and teacher workshops across the country.

Additionally, she wrote an article about the study that was published in the May 2016 issue of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, a National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) journal. Next, Mandi plans to combine some of the most effective lessons into a published book of curricula.

Volunteer Experience

Mandi is passionate about her volunteerism with Young Life, a Christian outreach ministry. For more than three years, she has served as a volunteer Young Life leader. During 2014, she worked on the summer staff at Malibu Club, a Young Life Camp in British Columbia. She also spent a week volunteering at La Finca, a Young Life camp in Nicaragua. Additionally, Mandi serves as a cross country coach at her school.


Mandi enjoys paddleboarding, camping, hiking, and eating.

Academic Background

  • Berry College (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Secondary Education)